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Uniquely-designed massage systems


Passion Spas offers the most innovative spa massage features ever developed. Each Passion Spa has a variety of massage features that will create the ultimate in hydrotherapy relief for you.

Aqua Rolling Massage

Our exclusive “Aqua Rolling Massage” pushes water up the back of the seat through specially designed recesses in the spa shell. The resulting agitation of the water creates a vigorous massage that works the muscles throughout your back.

Intense Therapy Zone

The “Intense Therapy Zone” provides a concentrated, penetrating massage to the lower regions of your back. The intensity of the pressure can be adjusted. Only Passion
Spas offers a therapy system for your lower back muscles that allows you to isolate specific areas.

Levitation Bed

The “Levitation Bed” is the most innovative spa massage feature available. Experiencing this massage will give you a floating sensation because your body is completely enveloped in a soothing massage that can be adjusted for intensity and effect.

Through years of experience and close cooperation with physiotherapists, we have designed a variety of massage experiences that are unique to Passion Spas, including  these :

Waterfall Massage

Imagine a continuous stream of cascading, warm water falling gently on your neck and shoulders. This is the sensation you experience when enjoying the delightful effects of our innovative “Waterfall Massage”.

Therapy Wave Zone

The “Therapy Wave Zone” is a massage that starts at the lower back, and slowly works its way up to your shoulders and neck. The sensation mimics a rolling pin up and down your back, soothing your muscles as it works its way up and down.

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Innovative, superior design and manufacture


Passion Spas is at the forefront of world-class spa development and production. For nearly thirty years, Passion Spas has been engineering and manufacturing spas known for exceptional innovation and superior design. Passion Spas has manufacturing and distribution centers all over the world.

We know that you expect quality and performance in your spa, but our experience tells us that you desire a spa that is reliable, easy to maintain, and inexpensive to operate. After all, you want your spa to enhance your lifestyle. Passion Spas : Love Your Senses.

Perfect Water

Passion Spas are equipped with a multi-faceted water purification system that helps keep your water crystal clear and reduces the need for maintenance. The water is sanitized by our highly-effective Ozone System and, in our Signature and Exclusive Collections, is further purified with our UV sanitation system. The combination of 100% filtration, ozone sanitation and UV purification creates our Synergy Water Maintenance System that creates the ultimate in clear water.

Planet Friendly

While you are enjoying your Passion Spa, you are being a good steward of both your budget and the environment. Passion Spas are designed to reduce energy consumption through a variety of innovative features. ‘Hybrid Heating’ technology supplements the heat produced by the electric heater. Our programmable controls allow you to set the times when your spa turns on and off, and the low-wattage filtration pump uses only a small amount of electricity to keep your water sparkling clean. Triple layer insulation, extra thick walk-on safety cover and’ Everlast’ floor supports, makes these one of the most effective heat containment designs available

Quality first

In every respect Passion Spas offers you an exceptional spa experience. From the wide array of features and massage experiences to our exceptional warranty and product support, you can be confident in your purchase of a Passion Spa. We take great pride in our products and we support our customers, giving you the confidence you need when investing in a spa that will enhance your lifestyle!

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