A swim spa offers hydrotherapy jets, ergonomic seats and loungers, and also a large, swim area, with a controllable and powerful water stream to swim against. Bring the freedom and enjoyment of open-water swimming right to your home. While some of your family or friends relax in the massage jets, seats and loungers, you can swim, train or even row against a strong or gentle current, which you control.


Used for a variety of purposes, including swimming, exercise, rehabilitation and relaxation, our swim spas generate a steady water current that creates a set level of directional resistance. This is achieved by using 4 very powerful jets, each one with it’s own pump. The 2 bottom jets, which are always on, continually lift your body up, and the top two jets are adjustable.


Our dedicated filtration pump draws water through the spa filter, insuring that your spa water is constantly filtered. The Synergy Water Maintenance System combines 100% filtration, ozone sanitation and UV purification : providing the ultimate in clear water.