Do I need an explanation before purchasing a Spa?


Most Passion Spas will require an explanation, if only in terms of confirming all exact details relating to your preferred overall Spa specification and size dimensions. If you are in any doubt, please feel free to contact your local branch on the main business number shown, where our knowledgeable sales and technical team look forward to being of service.

What preparation do we need you to do before the Spa can be installed?


There are definitely things that need to be done before we can install your Spa. We cannot install your Spa, unless the following provisions have been made: (please refer to delivery options further down this page).

Is there a delivery charge for my Spa?


Roadside/kerb delivery is included in all prices shown. Delivery will be made by Ambassador personnel and is site specific. The use of any cranes where specified, would be charged extra on top of delivery and full details advised at the time.

How long will it take for my Spa to arrive?


We estimate a delivery time of 2 weeks maximum from official order date, as most Spas are stored at our West Stour warehouse. No Spa goods will be released until full payment has been made. A 50% advanced non-refundable deposit wiil secure your official order. Any spa that is on a factory request basis would normally take between 4-6 weeks delivery time and would attract a separate delivery charge quoted at time of enquiry.

How long will installation take?


This will depend. Installation is different from Spa model to model depending on size, clear access at your property and other such factors. In most cases, Ambassador will conduct a site inspection visit prior to delivery, in order to ensure that all final details have been researched and covered off. It would be at this point that we could offer you a more definite timescale.

Do I need to order a cover for my Spa?


A hard top cover is included in the price

Is there an installation service for the Passion Spas?


Ambassador Pools and Spas offer a full installation service as explained above. However, we do ask the customer to ensure that they have a single phase electricity supply with IP 65 Isolation switch in position, prior to our arrival.

How do I maintain my Spa?


It is important to keep your Spa well maintained and use it only as instructed, to avoid unnecessary damage. This will improve its longevity. Information on how to do so will be provided on purchase and delivery. Should you require any further information, please contact your local branch where we will help guide you through all the appropriate information.

Is there a warranty with my Spa?


All Ambassador Spas are supplied with a full warranty. This means total piece of mind for our customers. The warranty includes (please outline here) . . . Ambassador pride themselves on fantastic after sales care service, which is one of the main reasons that we have such a loyal customer base. Should you further information, then please contact your local branch where we can help you further.

What do I do if I have a problem with my Spa?


Should you encounter any problems with your Spa then please, first, refer to the Operations Manual you were provided with. In there you should find helpful tips and hints on how to maintain your Spa. If you require further assistance, then please contact your local branch where we will be able to help you further.

What are the delivery options?


We offer customers two different options when purchasing one of our Passion Spa’s through any of our three Ambassador branches. These are shown below as follows:


OPTION 1: FREE Roadside delivery only plus FREE products worth over £400 with every NEW Spa purchased.




OPTION 2: FREE Delivery to include full siting, installation, hard-wiring and full test. FREE siting, installation and testing with every NEW Spa purchased. (Note: this does not include installation of a concrete base)


In order for us to carry this all out; indicated below is the full preparation steps that we need the customer to ensure is done, prior to our arrival and delivery of their chosen Spa.


a). Clear 1.2m access required for the Pure Collection (Renew, Refresh and Relax Spas) and clear 1.5m access required for the Signature Collection (Bliss, Pleasure, Solace, Joy and Desire Spas). Note: Crane would be required for the Exclusive Collection (Sensation, Felicity and Ecstatic Spas) & Swim Spas (Aquatic 1 Swimspa, Aquatic 2 Swimspa, Aquatic 3 Swimspa , Fitness 1 and Fitness 2 Swimspas). Extra costs will be incurred and quoted at the time of enquiry depending on location and final Spa selected.


b). Hard stand 4” concrete base.


c). Single phase electricity supply with IP 65 Isolation switch in position.


d). Mains tap water supply with hose connector in order to be able to fill customer’s Spa.